Orlando City Soccer – A Great Game At Home.

After missing a few games it was nice to be back and feel close to the team again, I am always proud of it, the Orlando City is an old flame for us and will always be. DSC_0112It is daring just to look back and feel how fast everything changed. As we arrived, the fans and the band were marching in the stadium, they had purple smoke, and the usual enthusiasm. I can guarantee that if you never went to a game, and decides to do it, you will feel how amazing the energy is. It is worth to try, you feel really alive.

After warm up, the teal came in Kaka’ was holding his kids, it was a great moment, to just see him like that, the caring father, and not just the athlete. As the game started everything seemed fine until Tommy Redding e Rafael Ramos collapsed into each other and ended up being carried out, but the team reacted well and it was pure magic to the end. Now closer to the finals, one point, and all of us hoping it will happen for sure. Now check the pictures!

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