Tube Heroes Releases Holiday Gift Guide for Young YouTube Gaming Fans at #NYCC and Beyondtoys

Parents get a reality check that real is the new cool this holiday season as YouTube stars become the most sought after gifts for tween boys ages 6-9 who are asking for Tube Heroes

NEW YORK, Oct. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The GenZ movement takes on the holiday gift giving season with a Black Friday reality check for parents: real is the new cool. Jazwares’ Tube Heroes announces its holiday gift guide for tween boys who love YouTube gaming stars including Captain Sparklez, Ali-A and more.

Tube Heroes(TM) defines a new revolution and standard in entertainment as highly rated YouTube Stars protect the Digitalverse. Tube Heroes products run in a wide range of action figures, plush and role-playing accessories.

“This holiday season your kids favorite digital heroes on YouTube will come to life as physical products…Tube Heroes, starring the biggest influencers in the digital universe!” said Judd Zebersky, CEO of Jazwares – a leading manufacturer of toy and entertainment innovation.

These Tube Heroes action figures, a unique product line produced by Jazwares, are created in the image of 10 YouTube rising gaming stars and are inspired by the creativity of these stars’ video content. Tube Heroes action packs available:

—  CaptainSparklez
—  Sky
—  ExplodingTNT
—  AntVenom
—  Caveman Films
—  Ali-A (Will be for the first time available in the line for Black Friday
Deluxe gaming pack includes the mini-figure multi pack:

—  CaptainSparklez
—  LittleLizardGaming
—  AtlanticCraft
Besides New York Comic Con, fans can find the persona-branded action figures and plush toys at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, and other retail locations.

“The launch of the Tube Heroes brand, by mainly introducing stories and product based upon gaming YouTubers, is just the beginning.  Our mission is to create multiple categories of product and content based upon all top-tier social media influencers, from any platform and from any genre,” said Zebersky.

Who are these Tube Heroes and what’s the big deal?

A recent survey in Variety Magazine revealed teens and tweens are more enamored with YouTube stars than the biggest celebrities in film, TV and music. Inspiring the world with fun and creative media in the digital space of YouTube, they believe in the power of Do It Yourself!

Tube Heroes come from all around the Digitalverse. With more than 131 million YouTube subscribers, and 31 billion views, Tube Heroes are real-life YouTube gaming personalities giving new meaning to the term action hero. They play an influential role to teens and tweens following the gaming industry. Being a Tube Heroes represents the milestone of making it as a YouTube star.

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