Iconic Lava Lamp® Turns 50!

An American Icon Since 1965

Limited-Edition Anniversary Collection & The Beatles Themed Lava Lamps Available September 1st!

In 2015, the ubiquitous 1960’s pop culture icon celebrates its 50(th) Anniversary! This year marks a half-century of Lava® Lamps in the United States, which has been featured in countless TV shows, movies, magazines and more. In honor of its golden anniversary, the ever-popular “original shape of cool” has created a limited edition 50(th) collection for its fans!

For the past five decades, Lava Lite, LLC® has been the global manufacturer of Lava® Lamps worldwide and sells millions of Lava Lamps annually! Lava Lite is always evolving and staying relevant. This iconic product is popular with fans of all ages, from adults to millennials, appearing everywhere from offices to dorm rooms. Lava Lite, LLC is no longer known for just motion lamps; they have expanded into novelty, party and even conventional lighting products!

The limited edition 50(th) Anniversary Collection includes four lamp sizes: 14.5″ ($19.99), 17″ ($29.99), 16.3″ ($39.99), and 27″ Grande ($119.99). The lamps have premium features included: gold painted base & cap, embossed 50(th) anniversary logo on the base, certificate of authenticity, and either an easy-access switch on the base or a dimmer switch, depending on the size of the lamp.

In addition, an exclusive collection of The Beatles and Yellow Submarine themed Lava Lamps debut on September 1(st)! Lava Lite, LLC is excited to be partnering with Apple Corp. Ltd. to bring fans this collection and will feature designs inspired by the albums Help!, Rubber Soul, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, as well as a series based on their timeless animated classic Yellow Submarine. The Lava Lamps will also have premium features and embellishments such as full color decals with album cover artwork, Beatles and album logo silk-screening, and multi-colored, hand-painted glass globes. Priced at $29.99, standing at 14.5″ tall and filled with 20 oz. of either glitter or Lava, these lamps will truly rock & roll.

Lava Lite, LLC is the international manufacturing company that offers the original shape of cool, the Lava Lamp. At 50 years old and based out of Elk Grove Village, IL, Lava Lite, LLC holds the US trademark rights to the shape and name Lava Lamp and is sold across various distribution channels in US, Canadian, and European retailers. Lava products can be found in mass merchants, gift and specialty stores, warehouse clubs, and various online retailers. Just turn it on–ENJOY!

For more information and to purchase all lamps, please visit http://www.lavalite.com or follow us at @LavaLamp on Twitter and Facebook or @LavaTheOriginal on Instagram.

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