BLITZ in Orlando@cafemineiro

Thursday night was a rainy night but the rain didn’t stop anyone from coming to Brazilian Steakhouse Cafe Mineiro to celebrate with BLITZ, one of the most popular groups in the history of Brazilian Pop Music.

Evandro Mesquita the Band leader, is proud of its 30 years on the road and letting everyone know that he is not ready to quit yet. He has traveled with his Band all over South America, Japan, and now the US.

He spoke about his last canceled show, about the disappointment with the fact they couldn’t a visa to come and perform due to a hacking in the US Embassy in Brazil system. It was really a hard moment to the entire group, which had high expectations to come and visit the many fans, who were anxious to see their idol.

The show started around 10:30 PM, but not before Evandro saluted all media members at his private area, where he posed with the group,spoke about all his adventures. It was nice to see everyone singing  and dancing, happy for being part of such a great moment.

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