Juice Bike Share Expands into Lake Nona

Lake Nona announced today that the popular downtown bike rental program, Juice Bike Share, will be arriving in Lake Nona in January 2016.


Sponsored by the Lake Nona Life Project, a community health and wellness initiative of the Lake Nona Institute, Lake Nona’s Juice Bike Share program will feature three convenient pickup and drop off locations across the 11-square-mile community:


Lake Nona Bike Share Locations:

  1. Lake Nona Town Center
  2. Laureate Park Village Center
  3. GuideWell Innovation Center


The Juice Bike Share program in Lake Nona will have 30 bikes onsite for residents, employees and visitors to explore the fastest growing community in Central Florida, from Lake Nona Medical City to the new sports district anchored by USTA.


“As an avid biker myself, I am very excited to bring this program to Lake Nona to encourage everyone to get outside and enjoy our community,” said Lake Nona President Jim Zboril. “We want people to have every opportunity to make better, healthier decisions and have fun while doing so – from dining options and recreational activities to healthy home and office designs. Lake Nona values health and wellness at its core, and we are excited to get everyone on our new Juice bikes.”


Since expanding the program to 200 bikes in May, Juice Bike Share boasts the following success in Orlando:

  • 3,680+ Active Members
  • 12,500+ Unique Trips
  • 23,000+ Miles Ridden
  • 924,000+ Calories Burned
  • 20,000+ Pounds of Carbon Emissions Avoided
  • 30 stations and growing!


Peter Martinez, Director of Juice Bike Share, “I admire Lake Nona’s ‘lead-by-example’ approach to health and innovation. Lake Nona’s dedication to community health is setting standards for cities of the future. Lake Nona is at the cutting edge of life sciences innovation, and has chosen, to invest in their community’s future with the introduction of a bike share system within their urban landscape. Residents, visitors, and employees can track their trips, the calories they burn, and the carbon emissions they offset by riding a bike instead of a car. I’m excited to help make this possible!”


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