O Ultimo Jogo da Florida Cup-ESPN Wide World of Sports

We have a passion! The greatest part of being Brazilian is the passion we carry, for everything we embrace. Simple as that. We make our passion noticed in family, religion, our culture, and sports, mostly soccer. It is part of our DNA. Being Brazilian is an art, being a carioca a charm, and a Paulista a large sense of pride.

São Paulo has the largest economy in Brazil, responsible for 85% of the Brazil’s income, it is the back bone of the country and its development shows it. Sampa has never failed to produce what it needs to continue its striving trajectory, it never stops.

We know how Brazilians are about soccer , the State of São Paulo has Corinthians, Palmeiras, São Paulo, Ponte Preta e Santos, all five soccer teams are a favorite, all of them with crazy fans that support them above all. It was a pleasure to be at the Final Florida Cup today in the company of Neolive Productions, the same group who brought Chitãozinho e Xororo to Orlando, warming up to our City’s charm and evident growth.

Since Disney bought the rights for the Florida Cup for the next five years, it is expected to grow, and prosper into more teams and more games to make it more interesting and fulfill the wishes of so many Brazilians, who long to see their teams come to the US.

To see our culture embraced like this, is an honor. Not only the games and soccer but also the food where BoiBrazil Steakhouse was responsible for the VIP area best spot, feeding the fans and the major teams and crews participating. It was great to see this, but also to come to the realization that not only Brazilians from Florida, but from allover the US and from Brazil. As I said an amazing passion that moves millions, in the name of soccer. Great experience, proud to be Brazilian and to see the transformation in our Community.

The Game ended with Corinthians wining the FC SHAKHTAR 3×2.

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