Orlando City Opening Season Game

With more than 60 thousand people in the Citrus Bowl, the Orlando City had its opening game with a lot of great moments, emotion and highlights. The afternoon started with the visit of the Orlando Pride, bringing charm and beauty to the Citrus Bowl.

With plenty of media to cover the great moments, the arrival of the Copa Centenário Cup was announced bu Mayor Dyer and Phil Rawlins. Flavio Augusto da Silva, majority owner at the Orlando City, presented the new player, Former AC Milan Midfielder Antonio Nocerino, who for the first time dressed the OCSC purple shirt.

Kaká called up for the Brazilian Team will only return in April, but he was present for a few moments and left. The Game started fast with a goal scored, but not recognized, leaving a bad taste to everyone watching the match. Pedro Ribeiro for sure showed one of his best performances fighting for the team and showing his “jogo bonito”.Molino bac, showed strength, everyone showing progress, comparing the team that started last year. The team seemed well adapted, and playing well together. The overall experience was great and at the last minute, when we thought all was lost, the OCSC scored twice, and the game ended.It is all good!

A lot of emotion still to come, many games many new challenges. For now, Go Lions!

Let’s check the pictures!

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